8 Midcentury Modern Decor & Furniture Ideas You Should Try

8 Midcentury Modern Decor & Furniture Ideas You Should Try

Crafting the perfect mid-century modern living room requires functional Furniture with clean lines and abstract prints inspired by natural shapes. To get started, turn to renowned iconoclasts from this era, such as Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Paul Evans, who have been influencing some of today's most sought-after interior designers. Examining their work will give you an excellent idea of what type of pieces will best complete your home decor vision!

How to Style a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Mix Periods and Colors

Want to give your home a mid-century modern aesthetic? Here are some tips and ideas from Laetitia Laurent, interior designer for Laure Nell Interiors! She suggests striking an exciting balance between different periods and colours. Mixing palettes and textures is also essential - think walnut woods with saturated jewel tones such as royal blue or emerald green. With this combination of elements, you'll surely achieve that perfect mid-century look in no time!

"It's all about keeping your eye bouncing from one interesting piece to the next while creating a sense of cohesiveness throughout the space."

Include Mid-Century Staples

If you're looking for Furniture with classic mid-century flair, look no further! You can always find pieces from that era to give your home the perfect aesthetic. Incorporate vintage elements or reclaimed treasures with modern and more streamlined details – think of a combination like a vintage desk paired up with an ergonomic chair to get the edgy mid-century look. Laurent suggests this idea as well, so why not try it out?

Focus on Wooden Furniture

For a home filled with mid-century charm, wooden Furniture is an absolute must. Its unparalleled beauty and durability give it unrivalled appeal, while its character and warmth create an inviting atmosphere that other materials cannot replicate. When searching for the perfect piece of mid-century-inspired Furniture, look no further than streamlined design pieces featuring tapered legs to complete your room's aesthetic.

Use Furniture to Create the Illusion of Space

If you want to create a more spacious illusion in your tiny living room, the number one decor tip is to invest in the perfect Furniture. Thankfully, plenty of mid-century designs are ideal for this purpose - they're both chic and modern but also practical and slim! These pieces have been adopted by those looking for small living ideas emphasizing ingenuity rather than space.

It's All About Symmetry

Achieving symmetry in your interior design encourages balance and tranquillity. As you're arranging mid-century pieces of Furniture, think about finding a focal point—such as the television or an elegant coffee table—and adding other items symmetrically around it to create an inviting space. You could also centre the living room on a statement rug that will make small areas look larger while giving your home a stylish atmosphere. For accent chairs, side lamps, and tables, opt for pairs that complement each other to maximize harmony!

Add a Bit of Scandinavian Style

Incorporating Scandinavian pieces into your mid-century aesthetic will give you a cutting-edge, modern look. These spaces are typically fuss-free and uncluttered, allowing maximum functionality while creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. With the combination of both design elements, achieving a chic vibe in any space has never been easier!

Choose a Primary Color Palette

Adding a splash of bold primary colours such as red, blue or yellow to your mid-century modern living room offers an excellent way to elegantly highlight the decor. It's important to note that it is all about picking the right shades and developing a harmonious colour palette. For example, pair warm earthy tones with vibrant primary hues in accessories like pillows and lighting fixtures. You will create an exquisite ambience while bringing the perfect playfulness into any living space.

Mix and Match Textures

Classic woods are an excellent choice for expressing this theme when designing in the mid-century modern style. However, feel free to experiment with other materials like leather, concrete and velvet - they can bring even more depth and dimension to your design! Moreover, you should also make sure that decorative accents such as greenery or glass accessories take their place, too – after all, practicality doesn't have to mean dullness.

Keep It Low

When selecting Furniture like couches, accent chairs and tables, opt for more low-profile pieces with tapered legs and low-back designs. The mid-century decor is renowned for its sophisticated outlines, making even the smallest room appear larger. With mid-century living spaces, your eyes are immediately drawn to the floor, while any overhead light fixtures provide a subtle distraction as you continue looking around the room.

Go Bold with Retro Colors and Patterns
Your mid-century modern living room doesn't have to be limited to neutral tones and minimal decor. Embrace your playful side by borrowing from the '50s and '60s with flamboyant wallpapers, vibrant geometrics, and pop colours for a fun twist on this classic trend. Have some fun with bold floral patterns that will add a unique touch of hue without straying too far away from the traditional aesthetic.