8 Awesome Ikea Alternatives

If you have an eye for furniture and interior design at all, you definitely have at least heard of Ikea. In fact, we bet you probably have visited once…or twice…or maybe a billion times. However, as extensive a collection Ikea may have, and as appealing as its visual displays may be, the fact is that the store is simply so huge it’s nearly impossible to have a fair distribution of factory and store locations across the map. With that in mind, here are 10 alternatives to Ikea that are so good nobody will ever know the difference, except for you.  

  1. How could we not mention Emfurn? This elite modern furniture company has a wide array of eye-catching designs, from mid-century modern to true contemporary. If you’re looking for sleek lines, chic angles, and pleasing spatial arrangements, Emfurn has everything that you could possibly be looking for: chairs, tables, beds, ottomans, couches, and so much more!

  2. A pretty popular brand, AllModern combines the smooth, modern shapes that Ikea has made so popular with more traditional and neutral colors. AllModern is an online retailer that is part of wholesale giant Wayfair. Known for their good deals and friendly customer service staff, AllModern’s only downside might be the time it takes you to comb through that entire online catalog. AllModern’s inventory has a huge range of price points, with some sofas going for under $200 and some décor pieces climbing into the thousands of dollars. You’re sure to find something you like at AllModern!

  3. Scandinavian Designs. This retailer features the same European-inspired aesthetic, only at a slightly higher price point (and with an according increase in quality and style, in our opinion). However, Scandinavian Designs is also known to have huge markdowns and sales almost all year round, so if you’re worried about your wallet but want something better than what Ikea has to offer, all it takes is some patience.

  4. Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is known for its clothing, shoes, and accessories, so you might be surprised to find them on an interior design blog. However, the truth is they have some amazing and affordable contemporary bohemian designs! If you like the woven chairs, shag rugs, and funky shakes that Ikea offers in its more vintage sections, you might find something that jumps out at you at Urban Outfitters. Don’t discount its furniture before you check them out – with a more boho twist on classic, modern designs, Urban Outfitters has an endless array of styling options.

  5. Another retailer with bolder colors and more fun shapes than the neutral modern looks that other stores offer, Fab combines the most exciting parts of the pieces from Ikea with their timeless elegance and organization. From basic shelving to kitchen accessories to patterned decorations, Fab offers high-end designer items at a highly reduced price.

  6. Sometimes referred to as “the Ikea of Japan,” Muji specializes in streamlined, minimalistic pieces. If you’re in the market for pieces that will give you a sleek design, basic storage spaces, and nice edges, Muji is for you. If you’ve heard of Japanese clothing store Uniqlo, just imagine if all of those clean aesthetics were somehow magically translated to furniture. While offering amazingly affordable prices, Muji’s selection might not be as broad as, say, Emfurn or AllModern, but you’ll also find that they sell travel goods, kitchen tools, accessories, and even some clothing.

  7. As its concise, funky name might suggest, this retailer is all about the contemporary aesthetic. CB2 has a large selection of more sophisticated pieces, offering you inspiration for the organization and style of your own home. The so-called “sister store” of Crate & Barrel, CB2 definitely holds its own on this list of modern furniture store alternatives, if you’re willing to spend a little more money for a lot more quality.

  8. Room & Board. This lesser-known retailer deserves way more recognition than it’s received, thus far living in Ikea’s shadow. Room & Board is an American-owned company, with over 90% of its inventory coming from family-owned, artisan workshops instead of industry giants. As if that wasn’t good enough to give them your business, they have an awesome variety of modern furniture, design, art, and other interior inspiration. Be sure to check them out!