10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Pieces We're Crushing on Right Now

10 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Pieces We're Crushing on Right Now

Mid-century furniture pieces are taking the world by storm and if you do not know about them yet then you are surely living under a rock. From Instagram to Pinterest to TV shows, mid-century modern style is the trend today and everybody wants to hop on it and incorporate this trend into their homes as well. Mid-century furniture and style use geometric shapes and clean lines allowing your investment to be elegant and suited to all kinds of home decor.

So if you are looking for some furniture items to spend money on, then read on below to learn about the top 10 mid-century modern furniture pieces you should grab.

1. Grana Media Console TV Stand

Your living room is the most used and focused-on place in the house and it is a smart idea to start changing its look first. To make it have a mid-century modern style, you can grab an aesthetic-looking, wooden TV stand such as this Grana TV Stand. This stand is made with walnut grain lamination and has an adjustable shelf on both sides. You also get three cable management holes to keep your room tidy along with sliding doors to access the shelf storage with ease. It is not only pleasing to look at but also very functional making it the perfect media storage for your living room.

2. Shakespeare Vegan Leather Armchair

The next alteration you can make in your living space is by getting a premium-quality stylish-looking armchair. Now mid-century modern decor relies on straight lines and so the look of this Shakespear leather armchair is perfect for this style. It has a tan color and ensures a luxurious and comfortable sitting experience. Since it is a mixture of two different materials such as metal legs and leather all over the chair, it incorporates mid-century modern decor easily.

3. Hans Wegner Wishbone Dining Chair

Hans Wegner was the face of gorgeous furniture chairs and was even known as “the Master of the Chair”. The combination of simple elegance and extreme comfort makes this Wishbone dining chair the perfect addition to your home. It is well suited to contemporary and traditional homes alike and comes in a few different colors to choose from. You can either opt for plain old brown for a basic yet stylish look or go for yellow, green, white, and black in order to let this furniture piece seize all the attention.

4. Philly King Navy Blue Bed Frame

If you are thinking of adding mid-century modern style into your bedroom then getting a bed frame is the perfect buy. Philly King navy blue bed frame is durable and very elegant making it stand out in your room. It comes with a sculpted headboard and clean-line construction that modern decor requires. Moreover, this bed frame is handmade and the navy blue color looks exceptional with neutral-colored walls.

5. Emfurn Signature SmartFaucet

With smart technology on the rise, this faucet is exactly what you need. It helps implement two rising trends in one; smart tech and mid-century modern style. If you are not ready to make big changes around your house then this faucet can help you take small steps. It comes in black, brushed nickel, and brushed gold look which allows it to stand out. It is also made with solid brass and is battery-powered so if you do not have an outlet nearby, you do not have to worry. Simply just tap or touch the handle of this faucet or even the spout and it will allow water to flow.

6. Diamond Velvet Ottoman

One of the easiest ways to add some color to your house is through ottoman and this Diamond Velvet Ottoman is perfect for you. You can place the ottoman anywhere to add an additional seating place or also use it as a finishing touch. The gold color base and the velvet contrast gives it a very sophisticated look overall. You can grab the ottoman in two different colors, light blue, and grey. While the light blue will look exceptionally good with white walls, grey is also a stylish and easy-going color; so depending on your preference, you can go for the look you like.

7. Serge Mouille Style Ceiling Fixture

Another easy way to add mid-century modern style into your home is by altering the lights. Serge Mouille's light fixture pays tribute to Serge Mouille who was a French designer known for his unique designs. This ceiling fixture is a great vintage twist for contemporary households and is inspired by spiders. It is a practical design and will stand out wherever you place it. This ceiling fixture is a bold step to entering the mid-century modern style and will also give an elegant look to your home.

8. Heidel Velvet Sofa

Heidel Velvet Sofa is the perfect mix of vintage and modern, allowing you to elevate the decor of your living space drastically. The velvety texture with three different colors to choose from allows you to style your space however you like. With grey, navy, and pink colors and gold metal legs, your home will exude a mid-century modern style. Moreover, this sofa comes with features such as durable performance, comfortable foam padding, and french piping, allowing it to be a great investment.

9. Stannis Office Desk

The Stannis office desk allows you to stay uninterrupted during work and also adds a touch of mid-century modern style. This desk works in a discrete way and artfully stands out no matter where you keep it. The white color makes it look very elegant and simplistic whereas the drawer underneath the table acts as a great storage compartment. With work from home all over the world, this office desk is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

10. Orion Brass Ceiling Light

With the help of Orion Brass ceiling light, you can add in a touch of mid-century modern style and also make a bold statement. This light comes in a round circle with a light hanging in the middle and due to its unique design, it is truly a head-turner. You can transform your dining room, entryway, and also your bedroom with ease and the captivating design will elevate the entire look. So grab attention with this piece and give your home an elegant look.

Bottom Line

If you stick to statement pieces that look elegant and slightly bold, then you can incorporate mid-century modern decor into your home with ease. Today, there are many different furniture items being created that reflect this style and so you can find the pieces that represent your decor style with ease. With this trend on the rise, alter your home today so that you can feel more confident having guests over.