Tulip Style Solid Marble Round Dining Table


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  • The Tulip style dining table is a black Marble top, Its base is a heavy molded cast aluminum, while the shell is in reinforced molded fiberglass base This item is a high quality reproduction of the original.

  • Black


  • Overall Dimension: 28"H x 32"W x 32"D

    Overall Dimension: 28"H x 39"W x 39"D

    Overall Dimension: 28"H x 48"W x 48"D

    Overall Dimension: 28"H x 60"W x 60"D

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  • !. How tall is the assembled table and how thick if the marble. 2. How wide is the base and how wide is the support for the marble.

    Overall dimensions of all 4 tables are:

    Overall Dimension: 28"H x 32"W x 32"D Overall Dimension: 28"H x 39"W x 39"D Overall Dimension: 28"H x 48"W x 48"D Overall Dimension: 28"H x 60"W x 60"D

    Please specify which table you're interested in? I'll check if we have more detailed dimensions

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