The Most Important Piece Of Mid-Century Furniture To Know

In today’s world, everyone is incorporating mid-century modern style and furniture in their homes due to its stylish and effective nature. However, there are some who are still not sure about this style and so we are here to help them out. There are many mid-century ideas and items that you can make use of, but the most popular furniture pieces that represent this decor idea are mentioned below. So keep on reading and learn everything about mid-century today.

What Is Mid-Century Modern Style?

Mid-century modern style is everyone’s favorite decor today and you can find it incorporated in famous restaurants, homes, and even shows. So what exactly is this style? Well, Mid Century Modern is a term used to describe the graphic design, architecture, and furniture pieces for the middle of the 20th century, starting from 1933 to 1965. This style focused mainly on timeless pieces and decor ideas that you can easily make use of today.

Must-Have Mid-Century Furniture To Own

If you have understood all about mid-century modern furniture and style and are ready to invest in such pieces, then let us help you out. Mentioned below are the best furniture pieces to own in order to incorporate this decor style into your home.

  • Eames Chair

The Eames chair is a lightweight piece of furniture that is made in a very unique way. Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames created this lightweight single-piece chair after experimenting for over 11 years with different materials. They then settled with fiberglass and you can get them in other materials as well such as molded wood, recyclable plastic, and eco-fiberglass.

  • Egg Chair

The Egg Chair is another very sophisticated mid-century modern decor furniture piece and is something that you definitely need in your home. This chair is more towards modernism and so for people who want to incorporate mid-century decor at home but have a contemporary theme, this chair is perfect for you. The smooth sculpted sitting area along with the geometric shape of this chair gives it a very gorgeous look.

  • Saarinen Dining Table

Eero Saarinen created this eponymous table while keeping uniqueness, style, and elegance in mind. This table is precise and has a structural design that makes it effective and good to look at. The aim behind this table was to create pieces that suit the “ugly world” and this dining table fits right in. Today you can get this table in different sizes, finishes, and colors and have them suit your home decor perfectly.

  • Barcelona Chair

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe created the Barcelona chair and it is an iconic piece of mid-century modern furniture today. It was created for the 1929 Barcelona’s International Exhibition and is synonymous with the popular mid-century decor. It comes in a rectangular shape sitting area with a stylish silver base and no arms present. Today, you can find it in different colors and get the one ideal for your home the most.

  • Noguchi Table

The Noguchi table was designed in the year 1948 by sculptor Isamu Noguchi, hence the name. This table has since been an iconic piece of furniture for both offices and homes and has a very stylish design. The wooden sculpted base with a unique-looking glass top, is a sure eye-catcher. Even Noguchi, who worked for over sixty years, considered this piece as his most successful piece.

This armchair is for everyone who is into a stylish yet comfy chair for their lounge. It comes with a refined edge design, dense foam cushions, and walnut-stained wooden legs. These legs have non-marking foot caps and so they won’t ruin the flooring or your carpet when you place it in the lounge. If you are looking for an exceptional piece of furniture then this is the one you need.

Some Other Tips To Follow With Mid-Century Modern Style

Apart from investing in the furniture pieces mentioned above, you can add to this decor style by following some simple tips as well. These tips include the following:

  • When choosing the color palette of your home, make sure you stay with a mix of neutral or primary colors. You can give your room a white and beige look and add color to a single wall.
  • Don’t shy away from investing in statement pieces. Choose a piece that is not only stylish looking but brings a pop of color to your home. Colors such as yellow, green, and red are some great options.
  • You can make use of artwork on the wall, especially abstract art which is a mix of different colors. However, if you do not like abstract art then any other artwork is great but make sure it has a good wooden frame for a gorgeous touch.
  • The mid-century modern decor pays attention to natural sunlight and this is essential. If you have large windows in your home then do not add curtains in front of them or any other furniture piece. Let your windows run open and free.
  • Do not shy away from adding greenery to your home; plants are a very important part of this decor. Whether you want to add it in the corner of your home or as a centerpiece, these plants help in accentuating the look of your home. Also, they provide you with a touch of freshness and a lively atmosphere that you will like.
  • You can also mix and match textures and material in your home since this is a very strong part of mid-century modern decor. This is made possible by adding different textured fabrics such as tweed, broadcloth, or twill. It will not only give a fashionable look but will make the space inviting and cozier.


Mid-century modern furniture is a timeless trend that you can easily add to your home. With the information mentioned above, you can add in the furniture pieces and also follow tips in order to make your home reflect mid-century modern design today. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today.