The Best Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

The Best Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair

What Is a “Mid-Century Modern” Dining Chair

Now, you might be asking yourself, what is a mid-century modern dining chair?

A mid-century modern dining chair is designed similar to furniture around the 1940s to the 1960s. It’s actually a broad term defining tons of styles beneath it.

These designs are modeled in a way as to have the right balance of the past and the now. Mid-century modern designers keep in mind the essence of the era’s furniture style while incorporating elements to make them suitable for today’s audience. Which is why mid-century furniture is easy to incorporate into any living space.

They’re very affordable, easy to clean, functional, and aesthetic, giving you the best dining experience one should have.


Shopping for Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs 

Let’s face the facts, everyone. No aesthetic dining room would be complete without any mid-century modern dining chairs to level up the look.

Like most mid-century pieces, Mid-century modern dining chairs were designed in a way to be affordable, and at the same time give you functionality as well as style.

But finding the best, and the right kind of mid-century modern dining chair can be a challenge. Especially if you know nothing about what makes a piece scream with authentic mid-century design.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a curated list of the best mid-century modern dining chairs to help you choose.

List of Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

There are a lot of options to choose from the internet, but some have trouble picking out the right one. Don’t worry, all you need to do is read on further below, and you’ll get your pick in no time!


Daw Armchair Set

Poly and Bark Vortex Arm Chair
A very sturdy mid-century modern dining chair made with reinforced wood and a wire base. Its superior strength is thanks to it’s thick, duratek infused plastic. The Daw Armchair is easy to assemble as well. Appeal wise, its white color brings bright, eye-catching vibes to any vintage themed dining room.

Saarinen style wooden legged executive dining chair


What this mid-century modern dining chair offers is its ultimate comfortable dining experience. Beautiful upholstery creates versatility in its function allowing the Saarinen style wooden legged chair to serve as a dining chair, a stunning accent, or office seating.


Westin Oak Dining Chair


A unique mid-century modern dining chair .Featuring cushioned seats upholstered in black velvet upholstery, this set of two dining chairs feature curved backrest with downward sloping armrests extended to the ground. It’s very comfortable because of it’s cushioned seat and back support.


Ingrid Pine Dining Chair


A very simple, Mid-century modern dining chair that is handcrafted from solid Pine, this dining chair is a great fit for any setting. The elegant brushed brass tubular base adds modern allure, while the dark rustic Pine expresses character.


Rivulet Gold Stainless Steel Velvet Dining Chair


A very iconic mid-century modern dining chair due to its stylish, steel golden base. Rivulet dining chair is designed with soft curvatures that are finely constructed in detail from stainless steel rods. It innovates with a linear design crafted with brushed gold stainless steel rods, a dense foam padded seat cushion upholstered in stain-resistant velvet, and non-marking foot caps.


Wegner Elbow Style Dining Chair

Francie Dark Beige Fabric with Walnut Finish Dining Chairs

A very durable, easy to assemble dining piece to give you the utmost aesthetic to your dining room. Its peculiar, simple design gives you a very unique image in front of your visitors. The Wegner Elbow Armchair has a design that will surely wow them while at the same time, giving them undeniable dining comfort. It’s slim lines and dark brown finish offers a modern take on mid-century design.


Tulip Style Dining Vinyl Armchair

Lippa dining side chairs

The perfect modern classic touch you can add to any aesthetic dining space. It’s very sturdy and easy to clean as well. The Tulip style vinyl dining side chair screams individual style and is available in an array of different colors to choose from.


Harry Bertoia Style Side Chair

Bertoia Side Chair

An affordable and high-quality chair that resulted from the designer experimenting with metal rods. The Harry Bertoia has a delicate design and airy appearance are very remarkable for a dining chair. It offers durability and strength as well, and despite how metallic it is, it surprisingly offers comfort. Both factors make it a brilliant addition to your home.


Weathered Grey Wishbone Dining Chair

Poly and bark weave chair

If you’re into comfortable, interwoven seats, then this mid-century modern dining chair set is for you. It features traditional wood made with a modern design perfect to spice up your home. This wishbone dining chair has a very smooth wooden finish to complete an authentic mid-century modern dining room.


Sunny Mid-Century Walnut Brown Dining Chair

Idalia Fabric/Walnut Finish Dining Chair

The Sunny Mid-Century Walnut Dining chair is completed with cushioned, comfortable seats to give you the best dining experience. Not only does it offer elegance, but it’s also furnished beautifully and designed as a sleek addition to a stylish home. It brings simple elegance that’ll impress your visitors.


George Mid-Century Brown Fabric Chair


Showcasing Mid-century style designs, the George Mid-century Style Brown dining chair certainly has something to say. But the brown fabric upholstered backrest represents only part of this dining chair's charm.


Allure Vinyl Dining Chair


Surprisingly, there are mid-century modern dining chairs that are made out of leather. One of them is the allure dining chair. Leather dining chairs like these are similar to upholstered chairs, the only exception is the fabric material.


Frankie Grey Fabric Mid-Century Dining Chair


      A kind of cleaner, and sharper type of design than most mid-century modern dining chairs. It’s very slim and speaks more of the modern end when distinguishing between vintage and modern. Feel the ultimate relaxation of this wood and fabric combination with this Frankie Fabric dining chair.


      Milton Color Block Chair


      An industrially manufactured, reinforced wooden fabric chair that screams modern mid-century. This Milton Chair is made up of an organically shaped fabric shell to give a modern structural frame. This timeless, iconic piece includes a high back, deep seat, and multi colored fabric to give you ultimate comfort and luxury.


      Eva Mid-Century Dark Walnut Bent Wood Dining Chair

      Elsa bent wood dining chairs

      The eva mid century dining chair has a very natural, dark-colored mid-century modern dining chair that’s slim and sleek enough to give you elegant vintage vibes. You can add a little seat cushion for added comfort as well.


      Aisle Dining Chair


      Another brilliant design that manufacturers came up with. As unstable as it looks, it actually isn’t. This mid-century modern Aisle dining chair is comfortable and sturdy enough to give you a “balanced“ meal. Sit down, breathe deeply on the fiberboard frame and solid beech wood legs, and let the conversations and ideas begin to flow. 


      Adrina White Faux Leather Dining Chair


      An upholstered mid-century modern dining chair that is generally thicker. The Adrina dining chair set features a clean, timeless design, accented by on-trend faux leather upholstery.


      Daw Style Dining Chair Set of 2

      Shell Lounge Plastic Dining Chair

      Expect comfort with this ergonomically designed dining chair. It’s optimal height and curved seat supports the seater\s back well. It comes disassembled, but it’s quite easy to put together. All you have to do is assemble the legs and screw them in place.

      It’s made out of finished molded plastic that’s durable enough to withstand weights. Without a doubt, the Daw Style dining chair is one of the best when it comes to giving your dining room a sense of mid-century modern dining.


      Daphne Black Outdoor/Indoor Dining Chair



      A very timeless piece that screams seamless adaptability. Flash to the future with the Daphne's 3D design that will give a unique touch to any modern home or office. This chair’s eye-catching seat is made of durable Iron, coated with a painted color finish. If comfort is a concern, don’t worry. It can offer maximum comfort despite its pared-down silhouette.


      Wegner Style PP58

      Holton dining chair

      A very basic looking, but elegant mid-century modern dining chair. It has light cushioning at the seat and at the back for providing a comfortable, enjoyable dining experience.


      Buy Your Mid-Century Modern Dining Chair

      There’s no denying how mid-century modern furniture is timeless and elegant. They’re perfect to fit in any space, even if you’re not into mid-century modern style.

      Some are made out of dark wood and metal, some are upholstered, and some are even made out of plastic. No matter what material they’re made of, they’re designed perfectly to exude and give off a vintage, elegant, aesthetic dining experience for you and your visitors.

      Have you had any experience with mid-century modern dining chairs? If yes, share it with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.