Student Apartment: Smart ideas for more space

At EMFURN we’ll never forget our student days. We all know that moving into your first student apartment can be a sobering experience. You’re not rolling in cash so you need to create a space that is smart, stylish, and space-saving. That, however, doesn’t mean that your room has to be a dull and lifeless crash pad. It can be a warm and inviting space where everyone wants to hang out. Design a place where you can sit back and unwind after a busy day at university, but where you can study and complete your essays and exams. Here are some cool ideas that we found while we were searching for stylish student interiors!

L-shaped desk

Functional and fun, you can’t fail to be happy with the idea of a compact student apartment! Brilliant compact furniture design and stylish storage solutions combined with white, black, and transparent styled furniture creates a vivid yet pretty interior. From the quirky bed/table to the shelves and this Julia black L-shaped office desk with a silver frame finish that can really enjoy putting things and study in your room without compromising the limited space. 

Office desk

Isn’t it the goal of a design for a small space to say more with less?! This stunning stannis study office desk area is the perfect place – not only because of the colour scheme but it also has the modern desk under it wherein you can store some of your things. The combination of colours that are both light and bright, bring freshness into your home. Black and white are not only a modern combination but are perfect for helping us to concentrate, study, and relax.

Bean bag chair

Do you think you don’t have room to sleep, lounge, and store your possessions in a tiny studio apartment? Check out this perfect part of a compact modular furniture set! The oversized bean bag chair, a Gavin green would be a relaxing color. We wouldn’t mind moving in and getting some work done with this bean bag chair.

Base floor lamp

Studying wouldn't be complete without lightning. Affordable, environmentally-friendly, and smart, this super stylish sunny round marble base floor lamp is a great example of how quality can be achieved without a lot of space! Not only does it look cool, but we also bet that the super-stylish hammock is perfect for relaxing too. We love the concept!

noguchi style coffee table

If you want to just sit around the carpeted floor while studying or having some coffee with your friends this Noguchi style coffee table is perfect! It gives your friends enough space to spread their books or just to chill out before heading out to the next bar. 

You have upcoming exams to study for? We’re sure we got the furniture that will help you get some extraordinary ideas for your room. If you're also a fan of arts, you can apply it to your space to appear cozy, you can add wall murals. Wall murals are an excellent way to add magic to a room. Whether that’s personal study space, bedroom, or living room, you can choose something fanciful to bring the space to life.

Are you on the lookout for a student space? Or make your own space in the apartment? Maybe you’ll find some inspiration here for making your first place smart, space-saving, and cool.