How to Get the Industrial Modern Look

 Want to have an industrial modern home or office, but don’t know where to start? Look no further. We’ve got all your rustic, industrial, factory and mid-century designs all in one place. While EMFURN may take the guesswork out of choosing gorgeous industrial furniture, you may still be wondering how to turn your space into an industrial chic paradise. This guide will help you transform your home or office into the place you’ve always dreamed of.

Monochrome and Earthy Colors

Industrial chic is all about monochrome; grays, blacks, whites and beiges dominate the industrial palate. The earthy tones of distressed woods and exposed brick complete the industrial modern look. Try to choose grays, browns, earthy greens and beiges when picking your colors. Get neutral the look with these sofas, chairs and accent pieces.

Unfinished Details

The industrial modern employs a utilitarian aesthetic that has a humble, blue-collar appeal many find attractive. Exposed bricks, piping and ductwork are essential components of getting that effortless industrial look in your home or office. A brick detail on your wall or a chair with bright chrome hardware is the perfect way to pull off a rustic or modern industrial look. Get raw the look with these tables, dining sets and home accents.

Factory Furniture

Factory furniture is a popular style in industrial modern design. It is furniture or lighting that looks like it was used in a factory setting. They are designed with utility and material in mind, crafted for durability and value. The aesthetic prizes both function and form, and possess a proletarian quality that is rapidly growing in mass appeal. Get the factory look with these tables, chairs, stools and lamps.

Clean Lines

Industrial modern and factory furniture are designed with utility in mind, aiding you in forming a clean, modern look for your space. The simple geometries and singularity of form give both furniture and accents the clean look you’re after. Get the clean look with these chairs, stools and room accents.

Negative Space

A marked quality of industrial modern design is superb use of negative space. By removing visual clutter, this design style creates a warm, homey feeling that emphasizes the uniqueness of every item in the room. Get the look here with these chairs, lamps, and factory stools.

Metal and Wood

If you want a style for your home or office that has a rustic industrial vibe, try furniture that combines metallic finishes with distressed woods, or polished wood for a more modern appeal. The wood and metal finishes add to the factory yet comfortable elements industrial modern design provides. Get the rustic look with these tables, chairs and stools.

Functionality and Comfort

The wonderful thing about choosing industrial chic for your interior design is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. Industrial modern and factory furniture are designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. The materials used are chosen thoughtfully, meant to withstand years of daily use. Get fashionable comfort with these sofas, dining sets and chairs.