Home Decor: What’s in and what’s out in 2018

How you decorate, your home tells a lot about how you look at your environment and how your thought process works. When decorating the home, you have to take care of what’s trending and what’s not. Trends keep on changing with every growing year. Here is the list of what’s in and what’s out in 2018. Have a look at them:

What’s in for 2018?!

  • Pottery

    Pottery is the most trending thing these days. Look for the lovely pieces of pottery from the markets, online and different art exhibitions in the city. It is something that you can use to add an artistic look to your space. You can also add a vintage touch to your space using the rustic pottery. Say hello to the world of ceramics, and you will surely love it. You can even use small-sized sculptures. They look absolutely gorgeous by all means.

  • Lamps

  • Up next are the lamps. Lighting is what gives your space the final touch. There is a huge variety of lamps that are trending this year, from the ceiling lamps to the pendant lights; you can experiment with it all. The pendant lights look mesmerizing; they are not bright but not very dull either. They are the best ones if you require good light for kitchen and staircase. The ceiling lamps are back in trend. They look utterly ravishing; you can use them for your living room and drawing room as well. Other than these two, how can you forget about chandeliers? Chandeliers are timeless pieces that never really go out of trend. There is a huge variety of chandeliers available in the markets, from the art deco chandelier to the vintage ones, you can try them all. If you need your space to look more expensive, you can use crystal chandeliers.

  • Curvy furniture

  • The curvy furniture always makes a statement, and you can never really ignore it, no matter what. It does not matter if you are talking about a living room, drawing room or bedroom, when you follow a specific theme, the finished design looks a bit boring after some time. To avoid that situation, what you can do is look for the statement pieces. You can purchase tulip chairs, they are unique, and they can easily become the center of attention. Also, look for chairs with wooden legs, they too give a quite curvy look and can create a statement. Let’s talk about the dining area accessories; you can always rely on a marble dining table or a classic standing table for the dessert corner; the best is to buy the one in a square shape. Because of the square shape and curvy edges, it surely can make a statement. You can also have a tulip style walnut dining table; it looks more than stunning. And don’t forget the furniture made up of fiberglass. You don’t need any other statement piece once you have fiberglass table. This trend is definitely here to stay so even if you have to spend a little on them, don’t hesitate, you can use it for a long time.

  • Words and signs

  • This trend is unique, and people don’t know about this much, but in some time, you will see it everywhere. The word signs on the wall can make any space look stylish. You can even use different signs if not the words, or you can get quotes. Lit the alphabets on the wall up and make your space look more than perfect.  So get the amazing script words and decorate your walls with them, you can even attach them to the door, whatever you like.

    What’s out for 2018?!

  • Reclaimed wood

    In the previous years, you have seen reclaimed wood everywhere, but for 2018, reclaimed wood is out! For this year, you can go for antiques instead of the reclaimed wood. In simpler words, I would antiques have replaced the reclaimed wood. I agree with the fact that not everyone owns antiques, so now it’s time to replace your reclaimed wood coffee tables with tulip tables. If you need something indestructible like the reclaimed wood furniture, keep looking for the mid-century modern furniture online and you will surely find some of the best pieces there.

  • Indoor plants

  • Indoor plants do look great and have been trending for a long time in the previous years, but for this year, indoor plants are out. They are now known as an outdated accessory. The fresh, glowing flowers have replaced the indoor green plants. For all those people who are obsessed with the indoor green plants and don’t want to throw them away, you can mix them together with fresh flowers to make them work; it is as simple as that! I would call this the best way to save your money while staying in trend!

  • Macrame

  • The knotted art patterns that do look beautiful are sadly out of trend this year. They are now included in the accessories that are outdated. From the macramé throwaways blankets to the macramé table runners and wall hangings, they are all no more a part of the home decor trends. So replace the macrame throw away blankets with faux fur throwaways and the macrame wall hangings with pretty abstract paintings.


    In a nutshell, trends keep going and coming back. Keep making small changes to your home decor everywhere, keeping in mind that change is the essence of life and it is always fun to try new things and play with new patterns. I hope this article helps. Have a wonderful day!