The Fun in Emoji Pillows

There’s no question that Emojis have become a trending topic in recent years! People use Emojis in text messaging and social media updates dozens of times every day. Why not have a pillow or cushion that can match your mood? Our collection of cute Emoji pillows were inspired by a wide selection of those smiling faces you see on your phone everyday. Snuggle up with any one of our Emoji pillows. All of our super plush Emoji pillows are lined with ultra-soft, non-toxic microfiber and filled with organic cotton, so you’re guaranteed complete comfort. In the case of stands, gently dab the pillow with a damp washcloth to remove it before it dries. We also suggest passing a lint roller over the pillows every so often to avoid buildup of dust, which can cause sneezing or other issues in a messier bedroom.

These fun and creative little pillows are available in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. Our fuller-sized Emoji pillows make the perfect accessory for your bed or sofa and as such are a popular choice for young people who have just moved into their own homes and want to experiment with decorating their home any way they want! Never fear, however - we also offer the same fun designs in a smaller size for on-the-go comfort while traveling, gifts for little kids, or even as an amusing chew toy for the family pet. The bright colors are perfect for kids or teens, but the funny designs can definitely be appreciated by people of all ages, that’s for sure.

While the Emojis on your phone are pretty standard, we pride ourselves on offering you a wide variety of faces and moods to choose from that will best suit the moods you’re most likely to be feeling on a daily basis. You can opt for a classic happy smiley face, or pick one of our sweeter blushing or heart-eyed Emojis, some of which are even throwing a kiss! These lovey-dovey Emoji pillows make a great gift for that special someone any time of year, not just on Valentine’s day - they’re soft, cuddly, functional, and fun to look at. We also offer a collection of moods that are more miscellaneous and all over the place, including nose-picking, winking, looking suspicious or scared, or even just wearing a pair of cool sunglasses. Emoji pillows are a great idea for a gift swap or party favor among friends, where each of you can pick which Emoji pillow best describes a certain person. Who says adults can’t like toys and pillows? (Not us!) 

Do you, or does someone you know, have more of a cheeky sense of humor? Well, you’ll be happy to know that our poop Emojis have a number of different faces and moods, too. Also available in bright pink and fun rainbow designs, the poop Emoji pillows can smile, frown, wink, and more. You can decide for yourself what age group these funny poop pillows are most appropriate for. For example, if your significant other has a good sense of humor, these are another great idea for a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift even for grown-ups. Don’t worry - if you’re looking for something that’s a little more exciting than a plain smiling face but not quite as quirky as the poop Emoji pillows, the adorable ghost Emoji pillow could be the perfect choice for you (or for any friends or loved ones who are obsessed with Halloween - we all know somebody like that, and now there’s a pillow they’re sure to love all year round).

Since social media, Emojis, and the like have all become such popular trending topics in recent months, you’re likely to find Emoji-style pillows and cushions at nearly any home improvement or design store, especially the off-brand ones. You need to be on the lookout for scammers who are trying to make a quick buck off of this fad and are selling cheap pillows of extremely poor quality! Many Emoji pillows are poorly made, with loose stitching and lazy, lopsided designs. Not to mention the fact that cheaper made Emoji pillows are likely to be understuffed, making them much less comfortable.



You can feel free to add a splash of color and brightness to your bedroom, living room, or lounge area with a few of our Emoji-inspired pillows today. You can collect them all to match your different moods throughout the day, reflect your own love for social media, or as more of an ironic and funny decoration - it’s up to you! Not only are they practical, adorable, and affordable, but every one of our Emoji pillows comes with free shipping. Did we mention that we offer worldwide delivery? Order an Emoji pillow today, and we can guarantee you’ll be back to get some for friends - you can’t have just one!