An Essential Checklist To Achieve Your Dream Living Room

A living room is the first place people see when they enter your home and it is also the most comfortable place present. For this reason, it is important that you decorate it to the best of your abilities but how is this possible? Well, living room decor requires some essential decor items that will help you in achieving a comfortable look and by tweaking some things here and there, you can get your dream living room as well. So read on below and learn all about the essential checklist to get this living room.

  • Rugs

When it comes to coziness, rugs and carpets play a huge role in achieving it and because of this, they are the first item on your living room checklist. Now you can choose between many different types of rugs depending on your preference but a textured fluffy rug can be the ideal option due to the comfort and softness it provides. Also, carpets and rugs allow you to not sit on the hardwood floor and keep your feet warm during the cold weather.

Sofas are designed for living rooms and without them, your area can look incomplete and uncomfortable. If you want to create a welcoming space where you can spend some time together, then a good design and stylish sofa set are perfect for you. Sofas are also a quintessential furniture piece and will tie up your living space. However, when choosing the set, you need to keep in mind the room size and how many people are there in the house. This way you can enjoy family time with everyone sitting together.

  • Blankets

There is nothing that screams coziness like blankets which is why it is one of the top living room essentials as well. To get started, you need to opt for soft textures and materials such as a faux fur blanket or a loose-knit throw. You can also utilize this piece as a living room accessory and add a pop of color by going for a bright color or a geometrical pattern blanket.

Chairs are another very important item for your living room because they provide you with more place to sit in. if you have family and friends over, then one sofa set won’t be enough for everyone to sit around and get cozy. This is when chairs and recliners can help you out. However, make sure that the seating arrangement of your living is right and this means that your chairs should communicate with the sofa set. If your sofa set is facing the TV then the chairs should be aligned similarly so that anyone sitting on the chair can talk to the person on the sofa and also watch TV.

  • Wall Space

Empty walls are an interior design opportunity that you are missing out on and can make your home feel impersonal and bland. Since these walls do not utilize the space in your living room, you can decorate and fill it up with whatever things you like. Some smart ways to do that are by opting for abstract art and adding a touch of mid-century modern decor to your home or going for a lavish painting. You can even hang family portraits for a personal touch if you like.

A single light fixture cannot provide your room with the coziness and brightness it needs which is why lighting is a crucial item for your living room. You can incorporate this in three ways, task lighting, ambient light, and accent lighting. Ambient light includes chandeliers, ceiling-mounted lights, and natural sunlight which you can let in your living room. Then you can add in some task lighting which is a light for a specific task such as cooking, reading, or working. Once you have these two down, the third lighting to incorporate is accent lighting and this highlights a specific object by focusing the light directly on it. All three of these can make your living room spacious, bright, and more enjoyable.

  • Plants

Adding outdoor to indoor is a mid-century modern decor idea and can play wonders in your living room. They not only add a pop of color but also make the area feel inviting and fresh. Whether you get a small plant in the room or a tall one, they can improve the air quality and also give it a more homey touch. If you are worried about keeping your plants alive? Then don’t be afraid anymore; simply opt for artificial plants and achieve the same look like real ones. Another advantage of plants is that plant pots come in many different designs and depending on your living room decor, you can get the design you like. The recent trend of stainless steel pots is bound to take the entire decor to a whole new level, so what are you waiting for?

  • Windows

Many people make the mistake of getting thick curtains and covering their windows because they find curtains stylish. It is understandable if you want curtains but thick curtains are the worst thing you can do for your windows. If you want to cover them with something then lightly weight and neutral color curtains are a great option. These curtains will give an illusion of a spacious and wider room whereas thick and dark-colored curtains will make the small feel small and even suffocating at some point.


Everyone wants their living room to stand out, after all, it is the most important part of your home. Living rooms are a place of activity, game night, movie dates and simply hanging out with friends and family and sharing a cup of coffee. All of this is only possible if your living room is designed to accommodate your friends and family and so with the help of the checklist mentioned above, you can make your living cozy and comfortable for all to enjoy!