The Egg Chair



The Egg chair is different and unique from other furniture items in all the aspects starting from its design, manufacturing technique, layout and style. It was initially designed by Arne Emil Jacobsen in 1958.

 Jacobsen was a fine architect and designer from Denmark. Born in 1902 in a middle class family, Jacobsen initially aspired to become a painter. In 1929, he designed a beautiful future house which was highly appreciated by all. Jacobsen was blessed with extraordinary qualities and skills of craft and refined taste in designing furniture items. Simple and unique designs of furniture was the hallmark of Jacobsen skills. SAS designer hotel, regarded as the world’s first hotel designed and completed by a designer owes a lot to Jacobsen for its splendid design, furniture, finish and looks.

The Swan chair also draws its designs from the egg chair. Similarly the Grandprix chair, the pot, the drop and the Giraffe chair were also designed using some of the same technique and craft. This is a fine epitome of the durability and classical strength of the design of this chair. It is almost an emblem of modern design and no collection of modern furniture is complete without the Egg chair.

Because of its different design, simplicity, grace and comfort, it is being used in many places like airports, subway stations, libraries, waiting rooms in hospitals and offices, inside offices and in study rooms. Egg chair is being used world over and is appreciated by people of all age groups from various walks of life. This chair is also widely used in the lobbies of hotels, depicting fine sense of exclusiveness and taste of the hotel administration.

We offer the reproduction of the Egg chair in wool and full Italian leather. The quality of our chair is virtually indistinguishable from the original. The steel frame of the chair duly enhances the strength and subsequently, the durability of this product. Different colors are available to match with your taste and preference. Each color has its splendid outlook and appearance. Choose black to add a touch of elegance in your office. Choose red to furnish the study room of your children with attractive and pleasant colors. Choose matt white to show the extraordinary sense of style and panache in your lifestyle. Brown color maintains its matching bravura and grandeur. Opulence and pride are going to be common in all these colors.

 We offer this product at a very affordable price while ensuring quality and durability. Much effort goes into ensuring paramount fulfillment of our esteemed customers. Free freight shipping applies to every order.