Unique Interior Design: Top Marvelously Mad Hotels

There are many great hotels in the world. We at EMFURN love to see unique interior and furniture design that's why we decided to share with you marvelously mad hotels in the world. Some offer the height of luxury, others offer clean, plain rooms but for an excellent price, yet few will make your jaw-drop. But there are some gems across the world- places to stay that we’d definitely call quirky and awe-inspiring. Take a look at our pick of top five marvelously mad hotels. We’d love to visit all of them. How about you?

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

First up is Chile’s Magic Mountain Hotel. Covered in foliage, featuring a waterfall running from its rooftop and even incorporating a rickety old bridge, this is a beautiful hotel with a difference. We’d love to stay here, but aren’t quite sure if we’d not be too impressed by its amazing beauty outside to even venture in! We're pretty sure that our Momentum Wood Bookshelf will surely fit in this kind of vibe and design.

Hôtel de Glace, Canada

Open only four months each year, the Hôtel de Glace has to be rebuilt each December. Located north of Quebec City, only the bathrooms in this stunning hotel are heated. The beds are even made out of ice – although don’t worry, they are lined with deer fur and guests are provided with Arctic sleeping bags. There’s a 60 foot ice slide on site too!

Jumbo Hostel, Sweden

Okay, so this isn’t actually a hotel but it has to be possibly one of the coolest hostels around, and hostels are virtually hotels anyway! Located on an old jumbo jet situated at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm this is an unusual place to spend the night. Choose the cockpit room if you can!

Quirky and luxurious, the Het Arresthuis Hotel in the Netherlands is a converted 19th century prison. Don’t worry the cells aren’t pokey rooms anymore! They’ve made them larger, although they have retained the original doors. And each room is super stylish!

We’ve loved finding out about this crazily cool hotels, so we’ll definitely be on the lookout for more to share with you soon!