The Post-Summer Blues: Add Some Cool Colors to Your Fall Decor

Fall is a bittersweet time for a lot of us here at EMFURN. We’re excited for the pumpkin spice lattes, chunky sweaters, and hayrides that October brings with it—but it’s hard not to mourn the long, sunshiny days of summer. The tan lines. The sunglasses. The salty beach air, or at least the chlorine smell of the neighborhood pool! Are you feeling those post-summer blues? Why not kick traditional fall to the curb and go for something a little different?

Traditionally, autumn designs start to take on a decidedly warmer color palette. We usually add in comforting, cozy details in gold, orange, brown, and red to match the leaves changing outside. When it’s getting colder out there every day, the warmth of these colors can brighten up your mood when all you want to do is snuggle up in a giant bean bag chair with a cup of hot cocoa and a fire roaring in the hearth (or at least a flame app on your phone!).

But current trends in interior design and decorating are all about a little tradition mixed with the unexpected. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with cooler colors like blue, grey, and silver.

  1. DIY Some Pumpkins

Have you heard of chalk paint? It’s a paint with a super-matte (chalky) finish that is easy to apply, doesn’t need a primer, and is easy to distress with some light sanding. If you watch just about anything on HGTV you will see something in chalk paint. If you’re looking for some unique, cute fall decorations, find a cool color (available at any hardware store in lots of trending hues) and slather it on your pumpkins! If you’d prefer, you can even get chalky finish paint in a spray can. Not only is it easier than carving, but also your pumpkins will last a lot longer and the look will carry you through beyond Halloween and into November. Combine a few chalk pumpkins as a magazine-ready centerpiece on a live edge dining table for a natural, polished look. Layer chalky-finished pumpkins on the steps to your front door for a non-spooky sign to trick or treaters that the best candy is this way!

  1. Throw in Some Pillows

Never underestimate the power of a throw pillow. These babies are cheap, come in a thousand different colors and textures, and can be changed out faster than you can say “throw me that down-filled game changer!” Yes, if you want the best look, go for down pillows. They fluff easily and look far more elegant. The good news is they are easy to find and, depending on how full you want them, surprisingly affordable. Look for rectangular pillows for a chair or lounger (like the accent pillow that comes with this Devin Linen Wing Chair) and large, square pillows for a sofa or sectional. Get creative with patterns and textures, but keep your color scheme consistent and stick to one or two accent colors—we are loving slate blue and deep turquoise.

  1. Gussy up a Wreath

Wreaths are ubiquitous with fall, and they tend to have accents of gold and orange leaves with some pine cones thrown in for good measure. We’ve all seen them gathering dust at garage sales and thrift stores—those wreaths are yesterday’s news. Today, wreaths with burlap, gauzy flowers, and a large wood monogram seem to be all over Instagram and Pinterest. Try a do-it-yourself wreath, or personalize a purchased one with some cotton stems and bolls tucked in next to a weathered blue initial.

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