Take inspiration from awe-inspiring staircases

Have you ever climbed a staircase that is so breathtaking it fills you with a sense of awe? We have! Whether straight, curved, spiral, or even hovering in mid-air, architects never fail to amaze us with their original designs. At EMFURN, we always want to showcase creative ideas that would surely serve as an inspiration. The staircases that you are about to see maybe the stuff of dreams, but they actually exist too! So get ready to burn some calories, because you’ll be eager to clamber up and down these cool, quirky, elegant staircases.

chunky, pink concrete staircase

A chunky, pink concrete staircase sits at the center of this school in Belgium, forming a connection between the building's two contrasting wings. Its pink finish continues in the floor plate above it, and also complements a set of sculptural, curving pink benches in the playground outside.

Stuart Haygarth at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Wow! Check out this creative staircase! Designed by Stuart Haygarth at the Victoria & Albert Museum for the London Design Festival, these picture-frame offcuts have been installed in stripes at either side of a marble staircase. We love this stylish design but think it may be a little scary to run up and down when you’re in a hurry!


Who would love this generous outdoor staircase marks the front of a commercial showroom that Why Architects Group built within an old house in Mashhad? The steps, which lead up to a public roof terrace, are designed to function as an extension of the pavement and enhance the connection between the building and the public domain.

Vatican Museum spiral staircase

This incredible staircase is a lot to take in. Elegant and detailed in style, the Vatican Museum’s spiral staircase is one of the most photographed in the word, and doubtlessly one of the most stunning. Designed by a famous architect and engineer Giuseppe Momo in 1932, this fantastic design is so glamorous that we can imagine gliding down in a ballgown or a suit – complete with a black-tie of course! Beautifully decorated, the spirals intertwine, forming a double-helical structure. Simply fabulous!

Heatherwick Studio

Take a look at this staircase and we’re sure you will be mulling over the concept in your mind for the next few minutes. These amazingly cool stairs at the Longchamp Store in New York were designed by Heatherwick Studio and are truly distinctive in style. The unique feature of this piece of art is that the 1¼’ hot-rolled steel and glass panels forming the steps of the staircase, give it a fabric-like fluidity so that it appears to be floating like a silk ribbon. We adore the color too.

We’re completely blown away by these fabulous designs! How about you?