Getting the Sophisticated Look: Floor Lamps

When designing your home, the perfect mid-century modern or contemporary floor lamp is an ideal addition. Lighting is one of the most important factors when trying to create an atmosphere or wishing to highlight an area of a room. The right lighting helps to set the mood, and a floor lamp provides excellent illumination to a living room or dining room, even a bedroom or home office.

What makes a mid-century modern floor lamp?

Contemporary lighting is designed to look elegant and stylish. Capturing the mid-century modern furniture era, the EMFURN collection features replica floor lamp styles by famous designers such as Serge Mouille and Verner Panton.


Mid-Century Modern Floor lamps + Benefits: Floor lamps provide a very specific type of illumination to a room. Unlike overhead lighting, floor lamps give off an upward glow, creating softer light while still providing brightness.

Multiple floor lamps throughout an area can be used to enhance other design elements in your home, such as artwork, a contemporary lounge chair, or a dining area. They are very versatile as they can be placed anywhere. A floor lamp does not require an end table or shelf, therefore you can position floor lamps wherever they look the nicest.


Another benefit to shopping from EMFURN’s mid-century modern floor lamp collection is that floor lamps are incredibly varied in style. So no matter the home, there should be a type of contemporary and modern floor lamp to suit it.

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps + Styles: There is a vast range of styles in the EMFURN collection of mid-century modern floor lamps. If you would like an antique looking floor lamp, there are many aged and stylish old-fashioned floor lamps to choose from. You can even capture the look of lighting from a retro film set with the mid-century modern range.

For a designer looking floor lamp, several elegant options are available in the EMFURN range. There are countless minimalist floor lamps, and floor lamps with sleek lines and understated details. Even futuristic looking floor lamps are available.

The bases, stands and necks of the different mid-century modern floor lamps available on EMFURN will feature a variety of styles. Some floor lamps stand on tripods. Other floor lamps have tall arched metal stand, ideal to place beside a lounge chair or armchair.

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps + Design: Design is an essential element in mid-century modern furniture styles. EMFURN offers mid-century modern floor lamps which are a work of art in themselves. Some contemporary floor lamps in the EMFURN collection exhibit space-age styling. Some capture the look of a chandelier on an elegant thin stand. Others use a lattice, or detailed network of materials, to form diamond or globe shaped lamp shades.

Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps + Materials: Good quality mid-century modern floor lamps, such as those found on EMFURN, will be made with only the best materials. The EMFURN modern floor lamp collection is so varied that the floor lamps feature a wide range of different materials.

 The finishes on the contemporary floor lamps include chrome, silver, pewter, and wood. Depending on the style of modern floor lamp you choose, there are lamp shades made from frosted glass, textiles, wood, or a contrasting color (such as a gold or bonze finish) on metal. The possibilities in this range are endless.

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