Get with the Times: Modernizing Your Home Made Simple


Even if you’re not the trendiest person, and you spend your time keeping up with your work and family schedules rather than coming up with ideas for the interior design of your home, modernizing your home is easier than you think. Contemporary modern furniture and design ideas often incorporate other themes: check out modern bohemian designs, mid-century/retro-modern, and more! But truly, the key to keeping your home as fresh and modern as possible is minimalism. You could delve as deep into minimalism and Feng Shui-type design as you want; that’s a whole trend of its own, but modernizing your home really focuses on opening up the space and getting rid of the clutter. Here are our simple tips for turning your home into a modern, spacious paradise, without getting lost in the nuances of different designs.


As we mentioned above, the key defining factor of modern, present-day designs is the continued presence of open, minimalist spaces, with more air than stuff taking up space in your rooms. Now, it’s one thing to de-clutter your home and clean out all the old things you’ve been hanging on to but don’t really need, but true minimalist fanatics might suggest you take measures as drastic as throwing out all the pens in your home except for two, and keeping no more than half a dozen pairs of socks. We respect the need for clear, clean spaces in your home, but we also understand that it’s much more practical to keep all your extras organized instead of tossing them! The question is, how can you do that without clogging up all your rooms?

The short answer is storage units, and the long answer is, well, it depends on you and your home. For a messy closet, we suggest a shoe rack, such as one that hangs over your door or a set of shelves or a cabinet that simply leans up against a wall. We also suggest cloth sets of shelves that you can hang up in your closet, which will make storage a lot easier and organized. Fortunately, storage bins and shelves are available in many different styles and colors, so you’re practically guaranteed to find something that fits your personal style.

Keep it Customized

Speaking of personal style, a modern home is nothing if it’s not yours! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A design theme is just a suggestion, not a rule that you have to stress about. As satisfying as it may be to have a cohesive, organized home, it’s all up to you. If you like having plants in your home, go for it. Cactuses and succulents are trending right now, but you can stick with a classic vase of lilies if you want. Decorate your walls with art, family photos, even calendars that speak to your personal life. Are your feet cold on the hard floor? Pick out your favorite rug. Have fun with it!

Timeless Tastes

Even decidedly vintage pieces can have a fresh feel to them if they’re set up correctly. For example, aged, ornate photo frames can bring a rustic, old-fashioned air to any area of your home. The same goes with mirror frames. Even things like old record players, pianos, and those funny old two-piece telephones can have a modern feel to them, depending on how you’ve arranged the rest of the room. Don’t be afraid of older pieces – they’re always a fun addition to your contemporary home, both from a decorative standpoint as well as a nostalgic one. 

A Pop of Color

Since minimalism is so popular these days, when the average person thinks about modern interior design or contemporary homes, it’s likely that their visuals are neutral in palette and angular in shape: sleek, white chairs, maybe a light wood table, matte blacks and solid colors. Jazz up your modern home with some color! A bold red couch can bring new life to an otherwise neutrally-decorated living room. Conversely, if your furniture pieces and mostly neutral, consider a yellow or green color for your walls.

Light and Bright

There’s not a whole lot you can change about the architecture of your home, so if you’re really dedicated to the modern design, you might find yourself pining over the high ceilings, full-length windows, open staircases, and sweeping room space of the homes you’re looking at for inspiration online or in magazines. Fear not! There are plenty of ways to recreate that open, spacious feel in your own home, even if your rooms are a bit smaller. 

You can start by trading in your old, heavy curtains with lighter, thinner ones, preferably white or otherwise light in color, to let the sunshine in. You can always layer sheer to maximize privacy from the outside world while keeping it flowy enough to let in a healthy breeze. In general, we recommend keeping your windows open whenever it’s warm enough. We also recommend replacing bulky fans and air conditions with central air cooling, if you’re able; it will clear up space in your home for sure, as well as installing a microwave into your kitchen wall rather than keeping one on the counter. If those aren’t feasible options for you, take an inventory of all the furniture in your home and spend some time thinking of which pieces should be swapped out for lighter-tone, less bulky replacements.

These are just a few of the tips available for you to tuck into the back of your mind if you’re thinking of modernizing your home. Once you have these committed to memory, you’re ready to start rearranging and redesigning. One of the reasons contemporary design is criticized is that some people believe all modern homes look the same, but this simply isn’t true. Your home is your project, and there won’t be another home exactly like it anywhere. Renovating a home should be enjoyable, not a chore, so try to have fun with it, and please let us know if you have any tips of your own to add!