Everything You Need to Know About Buying Outdoor Furniture

Before you go ahead and buy any furniture you like, there are a few things you need to consider such as budget, aesthetics, and construction. The same goes for outdoor furniture and you need to make sure that whatever item you buy, it must fit your style. So in order to properly learn all about outdoor furniture and how to get the best one, keep on reading.

Tips To Buying Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture shopping is not difficult but it is not very easy either. If you do not know anything about buying such furniture then you can end up making mistakes. So it is a smart idea that you keep some tips in mind when you head out to buy patio furniture for your home. The tip mentioned below will allow you to choose the furniture suitable for your location and your home style; so read on and make a better, more informed decision for your patio.

  • Measure The Space

First thing first, before you head out and shop for outdoor furniture, you need to measure the outdoor space. You must also keep in mind the shape of the area whether it is wide and broad or narrow and long. Once you have measured the shape and determined the size then you can go ahead and shop for the perfect size furniture easily. For small areas, a bar table set can be a great option whereas for larger size areas you can get the regular dining set for the patio easily.

  • Keep Weather In Mind

You must also keep the weather in mind and if it is hot and dry where you live or cold and rainy. This is a very important thing to remember before selecting outdoor furniture because the wrong kind of exposure can ruin your patio set in no time. If you tend to live in hot and dry weather conditions then steer clear of wood because frequent moisture can make wood rot and crack up. Similarly, for windy weather conditions aluminum furniture is not ideal and will be sent flying here and there. So you must choose the material that is not affected by the weather condition where you like.

  • Pay Attention To Comfort

Outdoor furniture is usually used for relaxing and so you need to make sure it is super comfortable. If your patio furniture doesn't come with cushions then you can make your own pillows and cushions to make it comfy. But make sure that the fabric you use is fade resistant and also mildew resistant so it doesn’t get damaged. Moreover, you need to keep in mind that you will be replacing the upholstery one or two times depending on how you maintain it. So after use, store away the cushions to avoid any damage.

  • Figure Out Where You Want To Place It

The next thing to focus on is the placement of your furniture. Ask yourself this, is your outdoor space covered or exposed? Will your furniture be on a hard surface such as a wooden deck or will it be resting on the grass? The placement of your furniture will help you in picking the right material. So if you are planning on placing the furniture on the ground then you should avoid wood since the moisture from the ground can make the wood rot away. Similarly, moisture can also damage specific metals and you must do your research before you go ahead and buy the furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Buyers Guide

Now that you know about the tips to keep in mind, let’s discuss style, color, material, budget, and other features you need to focus on in order to buy the best outdoor furniture. This buyer's guide will allow you to make an informed decision and as a result your outdoor area will stand out.

  • Style

Your outdoor area is simply an extension of your indoor house and so it needs to match aesthetics, design, and style. So if your house is based on mid-century modern decor, then your outdoor area needs to match this style. Similarly, if your house has a traditional style, then you need to choose outdoor furniture that matches it. So whichever furniture style you buy, make sure it complements your indoor style and is comfortable so that you can enjoy laying or sitting on it for hours without any issue.

  • Budget

It is common knowledge that outdoor furniture has varying prices depending on the material, construction, and design. Before you go ahead and buy the pieces you like, keep your budget in mind so that you can find good-quality pieces while sticking to your budget. Also, instead of going to one shop and getting the furniture, make sure you survey around and see the prices of other shops; this way you won’t get ripped off easily.

  • Material

Outdoor furniture comes in different materials including wood, metal and synthetics. Now you need to choose the material very smartly because the durability of your furniture will rely on the material. Also, material  also determines the care and maintenance your furniture will need. So how can you find the best material? Well, continue reading.

Wood: For mid-century modern style, teak furniture is very common. This furniture is low in maintenance and affordable. Also, if you leave this furniture outside then it can last you for a long time but its color will fade away which is when you can buy teak brown color and apply it to your furniture to make it look brand new. You can also buy eucalyptus wood since this is cheaper than teak and lasts long as well. However, for eucalyptus, you will need to maintain it consistently, every week.

Metal: Outdoor metal furniture is usually made from powder-coated steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Different types of aluminum have different weights, prices, and also durability. For example, cast aluminum is super expensive and heavy whereas tubular is cheap and light. When buying metal furniture, you need to focus on whether it is rustproof or not. If it is not rust-proof then it won’t last you very long.

Synthetics: Synthetic material is the cheapest material but it is not very attractive as the above two. However, the plus point for this material is that it can last all weather conditions and stay outdoors all year round without any worry. You can also maintain it easily and simply use mild soap and water to clean it when it gets dirty.

Now that you know the different types of material and how they work, you can easily choose the one ideal for you.

  • Colors

This is one of the easiest things to look for and also the one you need to decide on before you head to buy the furniture. Patio furniture usually has a dark color so that it looks elegant and also because it can easily get dirty due to the dirt and weather outdoors. The dark color hides the dirt and makes your furniture look clean. Opting for light colors can be a very bad decision because within a few days your furniture can get incredibly dirty and you will spend a lot of time maintaining it. So when choosing colors, try to pick darker shades so that your furniture looks elegant even after rough use.

Bottom Line

Outdoor furniture can not only make your house look gorgeous from the outside but it is also good for barbecues, camping outside, and simply drinking hot chocolate in the cold winter. This furniture allows you to utilize your outdoor space and make it comfortable and fun to use. With thoughtful planning, keeping the above tips in mind, and focusing on the buyers' guide, you can make an informed decision and buy good quality outdoor furniture to use. So enjoy shopping!