Experiencing the Ultimate Dining Experience

No modern dining table is complete without a set of stylish contemporary dining chairs. Here on EMFURN we have the perfect mid-century dining chairs for your home. With all the best mid-century modern, contemporary, vintage and industrial designs, EMFURN’s range of dining chairs is guaranteed to provide class and comfort.

Dining chairs are an essential component of any kitchen or dining furniture set. If you have a mid-century modern dining table or kitchen table, it would do its beauty no justice if you didn’t find the ideal set of chairs to complete your home’s dining area. Or breathe new life into an ordinary, run of the mill dining table by adding a set of super stylish modern dining chairs.

Dining chair + purpose + style: The perfect mid-century modern, contemporary, or retro dining chair will not only complement the dining table, it will also fit comfortably the space available. But finding the perfect dining chair can be a real challenge. There’s a lot to consider: color, materials, size, shape, and all the while reflecting your unique personality. Here on EMFURN we have the selection for you.

But first, what makes a contemporary or a modern dining chair?

The EMFURN collection of mid-century dining chairs are inspired by contemporary furniture styles from designers such as Saarinen, Jacobsen, Wegner, Eames and more. Our collection of  mid-century modern, contemporary, industrial and vintage dining chairs all capture the iconic retro vibe of this wonderful era in furniture design.

Modern Dining Chairs + Materials: Fabric, padding, wood, molded plastic, genuine leather! The EMFURN range of mid-century modern and contemporary dining chairs have every material to fit every kitchen or dining area.

Mid-century modern dining chairs + style: The molded plastic Eames style dining chair, the traditional Wishbone style dining chair, a Saarinen style executive chair, or a Wegner elbow dining chair – every mid-century modern and contemporary style of dining chair is available on EMFURN.

Contemporary dining chair + color: Color is not an issue with the range of mid-century modern dining chairs on EMFURN. Every color is available, from bold, funky color palettes to neutral earthy tones. This range of dining chairs, with such a unique retro design scheme, has a color pattern to please all.

EMFURN offers trade or restaurant order discounts, as well as free shipping on every order above $500 - and don’t forget to browse through our collection of modern dining tables! With hundreds of kitchen and dining room chairs and dining tables to choose from, you'll find something you'll love here at EMFURN.