Brilliantly bizarre bedrooms!

Brilliantly bizarre bedrooms!

For some people a bedroom is just a place to rest their heads, for others, a bedroom is a place for fun, and for a small group, the bedroom is a space to turn into the place of their dreams! Are you ready for some ideas of crazy themed bedrooms? And what cool furniture you can add on it. The ideas are too perfect but with adding the awesome bedroom furniture at EMFURN it puts a lot of difference. So why not take a look at our choice of brilliantly bizarre bedrooms?!


First on the list is bringing your fandom in your personal space. The Batman space but aren’t all for children! Which Batman fan wouldn’t want to spend time in the superhero’s cave? In your batty bedroom instead of having the common yellow and black touch. Why not go with black & grey with white as medium touch. The best idea is a queen-sized bed with a frame made out of minimalistic, white-painted oak wood with a set of shelves on the side and a huge Batman poster on the wall above. You can add on beside your bed this White Logan Contemporary Bookshelf it is symmetrically designed to imbue a fluid sense of movement, Logan outperforms other bookshelves and stands by the sheer nature of its design. What more could you want?!


You aren’t a fan of superheroes? Then how about a 1980’s colorful vibe? entering into a fascinating world of colors and vintage? incredible color combination tips will make the room a must-see! Little touches of hanging on neon signs are fantastically creative too. Just like cool stuff saying “Hey! it’s my space!” What you can perfectly add on it is an orange Love Fabric Ottoman it is fashionably chic with a refreshing look. It is a tufted round design with dense foam padding, fine fabric upholstery, and non-marking black plastic legs. It will perfectly fit your kind of vibe and bring relaxation to your room.


Another on the list is a pirate ship bedroom that would definitely bring out the playful side in any person – big or small! With a suspended wooden ship to play in and cool sea-inspired wall art, this interior is the stuff of dreams. You can also add this inspiring Levi Vintage Cage Wall Sconce Lamp The dark bronze finish on the metal adds rustic charm. A cool, unique addition to your pirate ship bedroom.


Last but not least is an interior that amazes us in a different way– an elegant equestrian themed bedroom to delight the biggest horse fans around. If you want something elegant a combination of grey and white with a medium touch of black is a good style. There are minimalist drawings of horses on the wall above. You can also add some mural paintings of horses or equestrian and add it on top of your shelf. Lastly, the best thing you can add in your bedroom is our Abigail Diamond Tufted Velvet King Headboard. Its gentle curves and winsome style features elegant diamond tufting within a slightly curved silhouette for plush vintage glamour and ageless charm. It will not match your elegant equestrian themed bedroom but also invites a resistant update for luxurious comfort while relaxing, reading, or conversing in bed.

What style would you choose?