Brilliantly Bizarre Bedrooms!

For some people a bedroom is just a place to rest their head, for others a bedroom is a place for fun, and for a small group the bedroom is a space to turn into the place of their dreams! Are you ready to see some crazy themed bedrooms? Some of this selection made us howl with laughter, some of it made us cringe a little and others made our mouths gape in awe. So why not take a look at our choice of brilliantly bizarre bedrooms?!

What we love about some of these spaces is that they aren’t all for children! Which Batman fan wouldn’t want to spend time in the superhero’s cave? This batty bedroom is based at the Eden Hotel in Taiwan and even includes the batmobile! What more could you want?!

You aren’t a fan of superheroes? Then how about travelling back to the 1930s and entering into the scary but fascinating world of gangsters? This amazing themed bedroom based at the Las Vegas Hotel is truly brilliant. Ok, so it may be a little bizarre to be sleeping in a bed covered by a quilt with the outline of a dead body, but the incredible 3D effect mural makes this room a must see! Little touches like the trash can bedside tables may be strange – but we think they are fantastically creative too.

What a room! This pirate ship bedroom would definitely bring out the playful side in any person – big or small! With a suspended wooden ship to play in and cool sea-inspired wall art, this interior is the stuff of dreams.

Okay so we’ve already shown you an interior featuring a ship, but we just can’t get enough of nautical decor! This bedroom, designed for multiple children, allows little ones to sail off to sleep in style! Imagine curling up in your boat as you drift off to sleep!

Last but not least is an interior that made us giggle – an equestrian themed bedroom to delight the biggest horse fans around. In fact we think the person who designed this room must have been horsing around! There are horses on the wall, horses on the duvet, there are even horses on the lights, but what puts this piece at the top of our bizarre bedrooms list is the horse head jutting out of the mock stable.

What theme would you choose?