5 Tips for a Calm Bedroom

Our homes are supposed to be our sanctuaries. That’s why we bother taking the time and energy to make them beautiful, to make them suit our personalities, even our moods. When you walk into your bedroom at the end of a long and stressful day, how do you want it to make you feel? Calm, right?

You know, like that feeling when you just got the best massage of your life and you’re sipping a mojito with the warm water of the Atlantic washing over your feet, and the air smells like flowers and salt, and the sun is setting and you can’t even remember your boss’s name.

Okay, maybe not quite that calm. But here are five tips to get your bedroom a little bit closer.

Keep the screens away.

Research shows that screen time before bed makes it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Huffington Post even reported that this poor quality of sleep can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. So shut that phone off and read a paper book before bed. Keep TVs and tablets out of your bedroom. And don’t answer texts during your midnight toilet run (we’re looking at you, 9 out of 10 Americans).

Make your bed.

You’ve known this one since you were five, but how many times have you rushed out of bed in the morning and left the blankets in a crumpled heap? When your bed looks crisp and done, the whole room looks and feels cleaner. And a clean, clutter-free room makes for a clean, clutter-free mind. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, making your bed takes literally seconds and has a large impact on the feeling of your space. For a calm bedroom, the first thing you need to have is the best comforter as well as good quality memory foam bedding.

Invest in pieces you love.

Don’t just buy a piece of furniture because it’s in, or it’s trendy, or you need to put something there. Wait until you find something you really love, and it will change the way you feel about your space. Do you kind of like it? Great! Don’t buy it. Wait to find what you love. Even if you spend a little more, you will end up saving money in the long run because you won’t have to replace it later on. When buying bedroom furniture, consider the quality, function, and longevity of the items. We love a good modern bedroom set, especially this 5 piece Truman Bedroom Set in Cappuccino Beige.

Be true to your style.

This kind of piggy backs on the last point, but it’s important. What your neighbor or best friend or parents think of as a calm and inviting bedroom isn’t necessarily the same as what you think of. And it shouldn’t be. People are all different and so are our likes and dislikes. The internet will tell you that blue is a calming color for bedrooms. And the internet is right, for a lot of people. But check out this industrial bedroom with exposed brick and rafters and tell me that bedroom isn’t calm and inviting AF. With a mid-century modern bed frame and a colorful print that showcases your personality, you can’t go wrong.

Let your nose be your guide.

A well styled and decorated room is just completely ruined when it stinks. And you’d be surprised how easy it is to stop noticing your own smells. Ever walk into someone else’s house and wrinkle your nose at the funky stench? Chances are they don’t even notice! Don’t be that person whose room smells like college guy sweat. Open a window. Invest in a nice candle. Just do it. You’ll thank us later.

For ideas on getting a truly mid-century modern feel to your bedroom, check out some of our bedroom furniture products. Our mission is to bring you the best industrial and modern furniture for the best value—great quality for a great price.