Choosing Accent Chairs For Your Guest Room

Redecorating a room can transform it from bland to amazing just by adding a few touches, changing a color scheme or introducing a new fabric or design to the room. Guest rooms should be inviting and comfortable for your visitors. There is no need to redecorate an entire room for your guest. Instead, bringing in a few changes, such as an accent chair, can give the room an entirely different look and feel.

Tips on How to Choose Accent Chairs for a Guest Room

When choosing guest room accent chairs, you want them to fit into the theme that is already placed in the room. Accent chairs come in all types of sizes, shapes, fabrics styles and colors. Surveying the room and spending some time to figure out your specific taste will help you in your search for the perfect accent chairs.

For a modern look that provides loads of comfort to your guest, you may want to consider an overstuffed "Lazy Boy" type reclining chair. This type of chair can give your guest relaxation and still fit into a casual guest room. For a more classic and professional style, a wood straight back chair that features padded seating would be a great choice. Many wooden chairs include beautiful carvings that can give the guest room a forever classic look. If you want to give your guest a luxury experience, consider purchasing a chaise lounge. These come in beautiful fabrics and colors.

Another option to consider when searching for accent chairs for a guest room is the material of the chair. You may want to purchase a chair fabric that can be easily cleaned after your guests leave, especially if they have children. When choosing a wooden chair, you should purchase fabric seating's that can be easily thrown into a washing machine. Microfiber is a great choice of fabric for a guest room because it is flexible and can easily be cleaned.

When choosing an accent chair, one of the most important options is picking the right color. The guest room could potentially look terrible if the color scheme is completely wrong. You can add warmth to a warm by choosing neutral colors, such as brown, gold, yellow or beige. If you would like your accent chair to be the main focus of the room, it's better to choose a bold color such as black or red. For a friendlier feel, choose a chair in pastel colors such as a pale pink, green or light blue.

The placement of your new accent chair is also very important. If you place it in the wrong location, it may not be seen or could blend in with the rest of the room. Placing the chair towards the door can give a welcoming feel to the guest room. Allow it to be in a space that is not overcrowded so there is space for your guest to just lay back, relax and enjoy the décor.