The design of any room can be completed with a contemporary rug. The right mid-century or modern rug will create the exact ambiance you are trying to set in your home and can be a fun way to express your style.

Large open-plan areas can be made to feel homelier with a thick, soft-shag area rug, which can be used to anchor your furniture. A cold wooden or tiled floor can be warmed underfoot with a plush abstract floral floor covering. Smaller apartments can become cozier with a deep long-piled variant. An avant-garde style rug can add warmth and color to a room with neutral furnishings or be used to tie a color scheme together. Modern and contemporary area rugs will embellish any living space and bring a personal touch to every interior.

Whether you prefer the clean look of a large shag area rug or are drawn to ultra-modern and stylish geometric patterning, should you prefer a solid color or a vibrant mosaic patterned rug, the expansive EMFURN range will have something for every taste.

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