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            There is no chair quite as celebrated as the Eames chair. It was developed back in the 1940s and 1950s by Charles and Ray Eames, who focused on producing ultra-comfortable pieces of furniture from fiberglass, metal mesh wood, and plastic. Over the course of time, several imitations of the original plan sprang up, but many are still endeared to the innovative style of the first Eames. Industry experts all aspire to own an Eames style chair for its distinguished profile. Eames chairs grew to represent symbols of modern design. Charles and Ray Eames began working with them using molded plywood, and frequently applied complex curves in the plywood in 1945. By 1948, they had introduced the Eames Molded Plastic Armchair and Side Chair through a process of a bent and welded wire support and molded plastic shell seat.
The result of playing with the Eames chair alignments is a collection of timeless and stylish chairs. Eames chair designs are modern essentials to home décor. The chairs being sold around the world today are made of eco-friendly polypropylene for more flexibility and ease of manufacture. There are other characteristics of Eames style chairs that make them stand out in the market. They possess a waterfall seat edge to ease pressure on the backs of thighs and adjustable pod feet that allow for a level position on uneven surfaces. From its inception to present day there are new styles and colors of the Eames chair, but its guaranteed comfort and style has remained intact.
            Minimalism reigns supreme in the design of Eames chairs. The collection possesses of several different kinds of seats for one to recline in like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, the Eames Plastic Armchair, and office chairs as part of Eames Soft Pad Group. Offered as a solution instead of a luxury, there are many who would attest to the Eames chair’s lasting impression.
Our replica chairs are reproductions influenced by the original design and not to be confused with the authentic versions produced by Herman Miller.
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