Top Modern Furniture Trends of 2017

December 23, 2017

Top Modern Furniture Trends of 2017

There’s no doubt that 2017 was quite a busy year in nearly every industry. Social media and technology continued to upgrade and advance, scientific research continued to make groundbreaking discoveries, and worldwide politics remain as complex as ever. If you need to take a step back from all of that and want to focus on design, feel free to read on for our recap of some of the most prevalent and inspiring interior design trends of 2017, as well as our thoughts on whether or not these fads will fade or if we think they’re here to stay!

  1. Cactuses and succulents. Small houseplants have been a popular accent or accessory of modern decor for a long time, bringing a touch of nature to the indoors, adding some welcome relief to the long lines and sharp angles that are so popular in the modern or contemporary design. However, some plants that have become increasingly popular especially among younger people, are cactuses and succulents as opposed to larger leafy plants with gorgeous blossoms and soft petals. Of course, some cactuses bloom into flowers, but most of the time they retain their odd, spiky design. These types of plants require very little water and care but live for a long time, offering a fun geometric shape to complement your modern lines. It doesn’t look like this trend is going to die out any time soon!

  2. Text-based wall art, canvas prints, and large tapestries. Oil paintings and photographs are fast going out of fashion, unless you’re a fan of all things vintage. 2017 saw the continued rise of canvas prints, either with some type of rainbow watercolor-inspired design or a calligraphy-type line of text bearing some witty or vaguely motivational message. Similarly, cloth tapestries have become popular over the past few years, and 2017 was no exception. These tapestries are easy to hang, not requiring a hammer and nails, and feature a wide variety of prints and designs. This trend has gained speed quickly, and since they are so easy to acquire and hang up, it’s unlikely that people will be trading canvas prints and tapestries for more traditional photos, posters, and paintings.

  3. Cozy reading nooks. People seem to be working hard to achieve their childhood dream of having an area in their house they can curl up with a good book! People are converting any kind of window seat or an area near natural light into a cozy little reading corner, using soft blankets, pillows, and a bit of back support. Of course, whether or not you’re able to do this really depends on the architecture of your home, but if you put your mind to, you’re bound to come up with a reasonable alternative. As more and more younger people are beginning to move into homes of their own, it seems that this trend is going to stay popular for a long time.

  4. Mixed wood and metal. Many people seem to be embracing the mid-century modern look, picking out wood and metal accent pieces to add a little bit a bit of an industrial look to their home. Contrasting wood and metal pieces are a fun addition to the usual smooth, minimalistic looks that modern design is used to. Whether glossy or matte, modern design doesn’t usually incorporate a lot of wood and metal, so experimenting with accent pieces is definitely a fun idea that people seem to be embracing wholeheartedly.

  5. Expanding the color palette. Modern design used to focus on neutral tones and natural lighting with occasional accent “pop of color” pieces, but dark greens and blues have become nearly a staple hue in many different kinds of furniture styles and accessory pieces. People seem to be exploring different colors and patterns, combined with a neutral backdrop, in a more fearless manner than ever before. This is the kind of trend that could either really take off in recent years or quickly be replaced by something simpler.

  6. Minimalism. As the health, wellness, and fitness trends continue to increase in mainstream media, many people are reconsidering the items they own and the design of their home, seeking to declutter as much as possible while retaining the things that are necessary. We predict that this ultra-simplistic minimalist decor trend is not something that is likely to disappear until people start feeling healthier mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We hope you enjoyed reading this quick recap! In many ways, aspects of the trends listed above incorporate some of the core values of modern and contemporary design, but in other ways, we can see the modern aesthetic making a shift in a different direction. What do you think? Protection Status

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