The Evergreen Barcelona Chair

January 12, 2014


A symbol of elegance, grace and refined taste, the Barcelona chair and ottoman can suitably add to the beauty and comfort of your home and office.

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, the chair was originally designed the German pavilion during International Exposition in 1929. Versatile design and shape of the chair was appreciated by all and the glory of the beauty remains intact. Most of the architectural work and furniture designs of that time focused on providing beautiful homes and fine quality furniture products to common masses but the Barcelona chair was an exception. It was designed for the Spanish Royalty to oversee the opening ceremonies of the International Exhibition. The form is thought to have been inferred from Roman folding chairs known as the Curule chair – upholstered stools used by Roman aristocracy.

The Barcelona chair requires a great degree of hand craftsmanship. The chair and the ottoman are the output of quality materials. The comfort has been increased by the use of fine quality Italian leather while the strength and durability is ensured through fine quality stainless steel frame. Upholstered with 40 individual panels, the panels are cut, hand welted and hand tufted with leather buttons.The frame is polished chrome hand-ground and hand-buffed to a mirror finish. The shape has been beautifully modified by the fine camber of the frame. Make it a part of your home or office to complement the graceful look of your work environment. Place it in any room of your choice to enjoy its evergreen allure and luxurious design. The royal touch of the product makes the buyer proud and satisfied throughout its usage. It has been widely appreciated for its fine quality and durability throughout the world. Furniture lovers with fine taste of elegance and style have made it a part of their lives and comforted knowing that they are sitting on a royal piece of furniture.

Customer care and satisfaction has always been the hallmark of Elite Modern Furniture. We proudly announce a substantial reduction in the price of this beautiful chair and ottoman replica to $999.00, as compared to the original which can retail for $5500 and above for just the chair. This beautiful product is available in a wide variety of colors to include Black, Red, White, Brown and Caramel. Quality assurance has always been the milestone for us. However valuable comments and input of our valued customers is always welcome, appreciated and deeply contemplated. Give us a chance to add elegance and beauty to your life by the addition of this fantabulous design of furniture which indeed is a true epitome of style and elegance. Protection Status

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